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Thinking of changing your hair style, wondering what's in hair-wise out there in the wide blue yonder, wondering whether perhaps to go for a colour?

Here's ten, twenty, thirty - can't count them all - variations that prove if variety mightn't really be the spice of life, it certainly seems so for the crowning glory.

Image of part of a Julia-Dolton dot com  webpage to illustrate the article.

The glamour shots are on three interesting websites.

The variations are so extraordinary, better to make yourself comfortable because you won't want to leave the screen for at least 30 minutes.


One of the most remarkable things about this selection is that the look couldn't be more different from what we see on the high streets around us, where it seems that one basic style dominates.

The hair just about everywhere seems to be drawn back in a sort of pony tail, as if it were part of a new law or compulsion.

However, as you'll see from these sites, sights around the western world are actually VERY different and, well, couldn't be more varied.

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