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Looking for a change in hairstyle this Summer. Here's some styles I have seen on the web over the last couple of days.

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Sofia Vergara ... Sporting a new fringe.

Do take a look. If any appeal, I'm here to make the change for you.

In any case, I hope this look into what's happening out there is of interest, even if none actually - well - go to your head.

Sofia Vergara gets a new fringe and it's !!!

She also made us laugh with this Insta post comparing herself to a fictional character ... here >>>

* * * * *

What's in in the Antipodes?

We don't often hear much about what's going to the heads of gals Down Under. It's winter in New Zealand now, of course, and a national newspaper sees it as a time for change, with this temptation, 'A special glow this winter.

'A change of seasons calls for a new makeover. It's time to cut, colour, pamper and indulge with warmer, natural and softer colours.

' Working to make the world a more beautiful place, one hairdo and beauty makeover at a time' this studio overlooking the stunning Pine Harbour Marina, remains a coveted destination among Pohutukawa Coast residents in need of a new hair style or a makeover.'

* * * * *

Going g r e e n ! A super bold new look

New 'Do: Rydel Lynch Debuts a Bright Green Hairstyle

Rydel Lynch just debuted a super bold new look, and it is one of her most vibrant transformations yet. The R5 singer traded her natural blonde locks for a short green hairstyle. But don't get too excited – it is totally fake. After all – if you know Rydel, you know how much she just loves her funky wigs.

* * * * *

Going catty, with apologies to Katie Price

What the hell was that in her hair?

Viewers mercilessly mock Katie Price's new hair 'style'.

We all know that Katie Price is one for pushing the boundaries when it comes to fashion, reports Entertainment Daily, but this week, some viewers thought she had gone too far.

But it had nothing to do with what she was wearing on her body.

On the contrary, she was actually dressed rather conservatively in a tasteful sequinned top.

More here ...

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