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Does my bun look big in this?

You won't guess who is the bearer of this notable bun, but - presumably - she approves and it seems that twistmagazine-dot-com does, too, and probably half a zillion fans.

Image of part of a Julia-Dolton dot com  webpage to illustrate the article.
Guess who ... Twist magazine and Wikipedia
show that nothing's hidden these days.

You nearly guessed right. It's Peyton List. Peyton, er Place, er, who?

Yes, Peyton List. Wikipedia spills the beans.

'Peyton Roi List is an American actress and model,' reports Wikepedia. 'List is best known for playing Emma Ross on the Disney Channel comedy series Jessie and Holly Hills in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid film series.'

Now you know. Wikipedia hides nothing, including the lady's age! 'Born: April 6, 1998 (age 18), Florida. Height: 1.68 m. Nationality: American.'

Red carpet

A bun, you say? Well, the magazine says so, and they say it this way, 'Peyton List's latest red carpet ensemble was completed with a chic updo!

'The actress showed off her braided bun on Instagram, and the look is equal parts edgy and elegant.'

What more could one say, except that if it turns your head, please know that Julia can style it for you - no trouble.

If seeking a new style is for you, perhaps you should know this boast of twistmagazine-dot-com: 'Hair Hero of the Week every single Wednesday!'

More styles: Soft shag anyone? ⇨

A soft shag anyone?

Attractive TV personality Lauren Conrad's shows off her soft shag hairstyle in this interview.

The magazine says, 'Another day, another stunning Lauren Conrad hairstyle to round out your ongoing Pinterest board.

Image of part of a Julia-Dolton dot com  webpage to illustrate the article.
Soft shag anyone? ... Well, that seems to be what they're
calling Lauren Conrad's new hair look.

'Yesterday, Conrad's hairstylist Kristen Ess posted a photo from the set of the star's MyDomaine shoot, featuring her updated shag cut.

'It's a subtle change from her previous below-the-shoulder length, but just as enviable, and that loose texture is everything,' says the online mag.

Well, that's their view. What do you think? Would a, er, soft shag work for you, too?

The InStyle dot com article is here, along with plenty of new hair styles that may appeal. InStyle dot com is this way

Not sure about Lauren's identity? Wikipedia spills the beans, 'Lauren Katherine Tell is an American television personality, fashion designer, and author. Born and raised in Laguna Beach, California, she attended Laguna Beach High School. Born: 1st February, 1986 (age 30), at Laguna Beach, California.'

'Bangs' is the lady's term for it

Ariana Grande unveils 'Banginnnnnnn' new hairstyle, reveals billboard dot com. In our Queen's English - to you and me - the talk is of the gal's new fringe.

Read more ...

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