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Thanks very much for the expert cut today, Julia. My new girlfriend is very impressed - and believe me this one's hard to please.

For me, yet again I was impressed by your, well, practice, as it were. I get the impression that all clients know you and know you can be trusted to make the very best of their hopes.

I can well understand that clients become friends - and I'd say indebted friends, too, from your skill - indebted for the great job you make of their needs.

We all visit you because we need attention of the sort we don't find in busy down-town salons.

We trust you

The impression I get is that there's another reason why we put our faith in you. You are a good person, good company, and your work, our results, shows you have extraordinary experience.

Thanks again for yet another wonderful cut. Excellent. And thanks for your great sense of humour. These visits make for the happiest half an hour I've ever spent at any hairdressers'. Please don't think of moving to another part of the country!

PS: My Joan will be phoning you to arrange a session for her hair, too. - Will (Surbiton)

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